The Joint Venture Hubs & Pie Finance methodology is based upon the fact that the opportunity cost of underutilised resources is much lower than that of the capital required to buy them. The revenue generating potential of time, production and service capacity, assets and even contact bases cannot be stored like money in a deposit account. If these resources are not profitably employed, value is lost.

Our solution complising this tool DEALMAKER and our collaborator finding web site MATCHMAKER enable value to be created by allowing the start up or growth of businesses using these underused resources acquired on a paid-out-of-revenue (or where legislation allows, a paid-out-of-equity) basis. In exchange for either a fixed amount, an ongoing revenue share or equity, entrepreneurs can get the skills and resources they need to generate revenue and pay for them when money (revenue or unlocked conventional finance) starts flowing in.


This tool is designed to provide a number of benefits to users as follows:

For ENTREPRENEURS and management teams

+ Convince your own supplier or those that we help to find using generated propositions with monthly repayment schedules.
+ Derive accurate financials and underlying resource requirements.
+ Maximise your chances of success by getting input from commercial and technical suppliers.
+ Minimise equity giveaway by tappling into a bigger funding audience - everyone with spare time and resource.


+ Better than just a legal agreement...the business is run according to the detailed task based plan that you help produce.
+ Centralised revenue distribution (via PayPal, merchants and banks) can be enabled based on agreed schedules.
+ DealMaker facilitates our innovative solution to maximising returns in case of underperformamce or failure.


+ The tool helps you identify risks by guiding you to think through the details of each task.


Step 1: Define your proposition (public, NDA signee & invitees versions)
Step 2: List your revenue streams
Step 3: Define the plans to unlock them - at a activity and detail task level
Step 4: Derive the resources required to carry out the plans
Step 5: Run matching & fulfilment to create your financials, supplier & investor propositions
Step 6: Buy leads & get invited funders to review your plan
Step 7: Export plan - for legal agreement & ERP system to help run the business

Recreating your proposition using this tool will take a lot of work (3-10 evenings, depending on the complexity of your venture if you already have a business plan, quotes, market research and other information to back it up), but compared to the 6 months and significant time and money that entrepreneurs typically spend with only a very small chance of getting funded (just 3% of the very best, high growth, investor ready venture propositions securing angel finance), we believe that it is a very worthwhile investment.